Landscape & Travel Photography | Wall Art | Images by Scott Masterton


Finally a break in the clouds over Scotland! For those that don't know there has been a lot of Aurora activity of late, I managed to get some nice shots a good few weeks back during the better weather but since then I've been frustrated as night after night the alerts trigger, only to look out to see cloudy night after cloudy Scottish night.

Anyway, finally last night the sky was clear over parts of East Lothian although there was quite a sea haar early on in the evening along the coast; to avoid the haar I headed for high ground in the Lammermuir Hills where I captured this shot that shows some of the beautiful color. The orange light is light reflected from towns (probably Haddington) over the horizon, bu the purples, reds and green are from the aurora. Overall It was a really beautiful night.

In the early hours of the morning I moved down to Tantallon and managed to get some further shots there too, althoughI haven't looked at them yet but if there any good ones I'll post them up later too.

This is a 7 minute long exposure which is why you don't see the structures in the Aurora, just the colours, but you do get the advantage of some star trails, which I quite like.To be honest there wasn't much in the way of structure during this display, just the occasional pillar of light.